Michael Pelzer

Micheal Pelzer is a volunteer at our San Pedro Sula campus. He is also the Senior Grant Writer for WBKHN.

Honduras is a beautiful but troubled country. However, despite the high crime and poverty here, the people are determined to build a better country. The most important tool for this is education, especially the education of the children of Honduras.


WBK is a perfect example of how the people of Honduras are working for a better tomorrow. By appealing to lower income families and offering scholarships to those without the means for a bilingual education, Walk Beside me for Knowledge are giving children a better chance in life.


As a volunteer, I have been fortunate enough to experience this wonderful, dynamic country. The landscape, the climate and the culture have all been memorable, but the most memorable part was the opportunity to teach. I have been given all the support I need by the schools passionate staff, and I hope that I have made a positive contribution to the lives of the children.


WBK offers children from all walks of life the chance for a greater future. I would recommend that anyone looking to teach abroad join this amazing organisation.